Mountains and Memories

Hey guys! My friend Isa and I decided to have a photo shoot today at our old school, and the shots turned out great! Here are some of my favorites!
We found a path near the school and soon we found out that it made a great photo op!
We also spent a fair amount of time in the field practicing our awful gymnastics skills.
I swear this picture was a fluke! I seriously wish I was enrolled in gymnastics as a child- that is the one sport that I absolutely love that I haven't had a chance to try.
This is probably my favorite shot from the day. The grass, jump, shadow, and of course the rainbow make it a unique shot. 
We took a couple headshots in a nearby construction site (which I have learned has become an amazing background!).
Top: Old Navy. Earrings: Vintage.
We climbed a rock mountain and got some fabulous shots!
I'm in love with this shot of the backside of a flower- it shows that there is really more than meets the eye.
Have a great day!

What Lacks Color Doesn't Lack Allure

Hey guys! My friend Molly and I had a little shoot yesterday that we decided to shoot completely in black and white. We did lots of overexposure shots where basically everything is white, but I really like how they turned out! Let me know what you think!
Molly's dress is from Target and her belt and earrings are from a local boutique.
I have a bit of an obsession with my striped shirt. It's simple and refined, yet really does make a statement when paired with great accessories. For this shoot, I went for a very classic vibe with the silver beaded necklace and black shorts. Top is from Madewell, Shorts from Old Navy. My bag is from Dooney and Bourke and my necklace is from Sundance.
I really love black and white shots if I'm shooting in black and white- they really give a different feel to the photo. Although when shooting in color, I can almost never bear to take the color out of photos.
I love Molly's mirrored aviators. They're so much fun for summer days at the harbor!
My cutout booties are from Vince Camuto. I seriously am in love with them. They are the perfect mix of classic, edgy, and wearable.
Black and white portraits are great for headshots- we got so many!

White looks great in the summer- and there's a reason it's prefered after memorial day! Here it looks great with Molly's tan- without a tan, white can wash you out, so be careful wearing it in the Winter!
I love this headshot Molly took.
Here are a few shots we took with major overexposure. I know a lot of photographers don't like overexposure, but I really enjoy using it- it makes eyes and hair really stand out from other facial features!
These are my two favorite headshots of Molly.
Here's another display of my love for overexposure- they were both taken with water for the background and the river literally turned out white, which I love. It looks like these were shot in a studio.
I'm loving this train tracks bubble gum shot.

Do you like underexposing shots?
Thanks for reading!

Catch Those Waves

During Middle School, basically my entire grade had straight hair. I'm not one for following the trends of my school, but I really didn't realize that I had quite wearable curly hair because I was so focused on getting it straight. I had probably 15 different straightening shampoos in my possession. Anyways, this past year especially, I've started to just leave my hair how it is, curls in tact. I've found that it's easier to style, less damaging, and thanks to not so much heat styling, my hair is much longer! Anyways, here's a shoot I did with my good friend Isa- and we're both sporting our naturally wavy hair! I hope you enjoy!
In about 6 months, it's gotten so ridiculously long- I love it at this length but I suppose it's time for a haircut. It's starting to take over 24 hours to dry. My hair is seriously thick, but luckily in the summer it gets a bit thinner naturally, which is nice so I don't get too overheated.
Isa has such great curls! She has smaller and more precise (for lack of a better word) curls. She recently dip-dyed it purple and I think its so much fun to do that in the summertime! It will also look nice as it fades in the fall- her hair will look sort of reverse ombre!
Here's a shot of my new burlap Toms which I can't stop wearing! I wear out my shoes really quickly so I know these won't last long with me wearing them as much as I am, but I can't help it! They are ridiculously comfortable, but more unique for Toms because of the burlap. I really loved them because of the neutral color-they match basically everything- but add texture to outfits in a snap!
I'm loving Isa's tank from Old Navy.
This picture is gorgeous! Her hair looks great- I couldn't believe it was natural when I first met her!
My orange top is from Madewell and shorts are Banana Republic. Belt is Vintage and hoops are Sundance.
Isa is one of the people that inspired me to start wearing my hair curly more often. She barely straightens her hair- and when I say barely, I mean after knowing her for over a year, I've seen it straight once. And really, I have no idea what I was thinking avoiding waves! They'll add a different mood to your outfit and let you get away with wearing a pretty basic outfit and bring the focus to your hair.
I learned to embrace my curly hair, but just because your hair is straight doesn't mean it's sub-par! There are reasons hair straighteners sell out so quickly- smooth hair looks great and soft and I have to admit, it helps your morning hair routine not be so legnthly!
Here's a little bird's eye view on my hair. I wasn't lying when I said it was thick!
However your hair is, embrace it. Don't bother changing how it looks- all hair, no matter how curly, frizzy, or pin-straight has it's major pro's. Your only job is to enhance it!
What is your favorite hairstyle that flaunts your natural texture?

Flowers Are Out and About

Hi Guys! An old friend of mine, Caileigh, and I decided to have a mini reunion and take a few pictures! In the middle of our shoot it started to rain. Here are a few of our favorite shots, despite the downpour, and a few of my favorite things along the way!
I love this floral wall! My top is vintage, shorts are from J. Crew, belt is from American Eagle Outfitters, and bangle is from Target.
Near the boathouse where she does crew, there was a gorgeous boardwalk surrounded in wildlife. It was an absolutely perfect photo op! My bag is Vintage Dooney and Bourke and I am wearing my Burlap Toms.
Caliegh is one of those people who always has on outfits that I absolutely adore without fail! Her lace-front tank is from forever 21 and her jean shorts are Levi's, and Rainbow flip flops.
We came across some train tracks that are still in use today- just on rare occasions for a newspaper. Train tracks always look amazing in shoots!
I love this head shot of Caileigh! She has the most gorgeous curly red hair!
Here's another shot from the train tracks. This is one of my favorites of the day.
I got a fun texture shot on the dock at the marina as we were walking.
Isn't this the coolest ball you've ever seen? We found it at the drugstore right before lunch and had a bit of an obsession!
I know Caileigh from dance years ago, so of course she had to showcase her awesome moves!
Here's another gorgeous headshot of Caileigh!

Thanks for reading! Before this photo shoot I didn't notice the fun scenery in the area around where I live. It was a great shoot! What do you do on the rainy days of summer?
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