Cookies Spelled Backwards is Delicious

Saturday night. Baking. You know, no big deal.
Just kidding, of course it's a photo shoot, too!
Molly and I decided that chocolate chip cookie baking was evidently amazing. I have been recently stalking foodie blogs and wanting to make all of these amazing snacks and desserts (mainly desserts) -some which I have attempted and failed. Simple chocolate chip cookies are hard to mess up, thankfully!
This awesome, punchy necklace is sweet and perfect for spicing up a neutral and a topknot.
I got a BUNCH of flour on my hands.
With out outfits, we went Twiggy-esque and took a road trip to the sixties.
Molly literally went on a road trip.
My dress may seem plain in the front, but the back is a classic, oh-so-sixties cut out. Dress and bag vintage, wedges from American Eagle Outfitters.
The clunky cuff is perfect for the retro-hip theme.
I really love Molly's outfit for the shoot. The orange and the blue have phenomenal contrast and are brought together with the fun, lightweight belt. The chunky soft pink necklace made the orange even brighter, and the deeper hue of the bangles upped the drama. Turtleneck from J. Crew. Skirt, Vintage.
The reason for the turtleneck was the Twiggy inspiration. 
I loved the skirt so much because of the embroidery at the bottom- it really brought together the orange and the blue.
Please excuse my facial expression, but I just had to showcase these awesome tie-dyed headphones.
Secretly, the only part that we were reading was style.
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  1. they look so tasty! :)

  2. Hahaha, this is great! The cookies look so good!


    1. Thanks, gotta love the 60's! And they were DELICIOUS! :)


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