Gap: Be Bright Review

Gap hasn't really gotten my attention in the past, but this spring, their Be Bright Collection is too great to be ignored.
The following ads were in basically every fashion magazine that I read:
I love that this is taken from above.
Styled by WhoWhatWear staff.
This ad collection stands out from the usual bunch because it is so classic! It's not crazy and overly unique- it's great and refreshing to see a shoot like this. The pink khakis are AMAZING. Unfortunately, I got them so early in the season that they didn't carry the pink, so I bought green.
I found this shot of them on Tumblr. I am more than in love with the cut and color of these pants.
Molly got her Kelly green on with their new colored denim. Can you say fabulous?
I am SO impressed with Gap this season! Also, be sure to check out their DVF kids' line before it all sells out-I'm headed there tomorrow after church to try to fit into some of these dresses!

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  1. nice article, thanks for your responses to my blog
    if you have spare time, visit again :>

  2. Thaks for following and your nice comments! I'll return the favour! Love the gap review, by the way!

  3. I always like to go with darker colors but brighten them up with wearing a bright braclet or necklace! It's fun :)



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