Utilitarian Vibes

My friend Molly and I decided to go on a hike.
In scout uniforms.
Michael Kors, Kenzo, and others have been helplessly utilitarian this spring. I decided to give the look a little twist of vintage- steering away from the troops, and more into a scout vibe.
Boy scouts are more ready for rugged than any soldier. Well, maybe not, but they are totally on board and ready for the hike.
Everyone's favorite superhero comes to life. The Navajo earrings from Heritage are girly, yet give a surplus mood.
Duck boots are freaking fantastic. Period.
This shot makes it look like we're stuck in the middle of the California Redwoods or something. I wish!
Girl Scouts of America.
The entirety of the sparkles is subtle- it barely peeks through the vest, but it tones down the ruggedness a bit, as with the batman mask.
I first have to say how much I LOVE this background! It's so Urban-Grunge! Actually, this whole shot is perfect, down to the textured tank. That oxford just makes me think of campfires and S'mores. 
Molly's military jacket and Chuck Taylor's are both the perfect mix of ruggedness and girly- with the orange zipper accents and the blue sparkles, they're so tomboy chic!
The weather was being sporadic so we basically had to carry around our umbrellas opened up- it would rain for two minutes, stop, and start again 5 minutes later.
Hah! It looks like I have no braces!
One of my favorite shots from the shoot.
Again with the mask.
In the graveyard, too.
A lot of the inspiration for this shoot came from a movie that's coming out next month called Moonrise Kingdom. I made a collage of my favorite stills above- this movie looks too cute! It looks very 60's, with two kids going on an adventure.
I am absolutely in love with these shots- the outfits and accessories are flawless!
Spring's gorgeous flowers are blooming. Yay! Sorry the posting has been a bit infrequent, everyone! I have sailing after school, so times have been hectic! But I have a ton of photo shoots coming right after Easter! See you soon!

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