Runway Candids!

Hey Hauties! It's March! And with March, the warmth and the rain, in my book, is the official beginning of spring. I'm excited for the beautiful weather, but not the allergies! Who cares about allergies when you can wear gorgeous tea dresses and cropped pants, and best of all, FLIP FLOPS! Don't get me started on flip flops- I have over twenty pairs of different kinds. No joke. I will not succeed in wearing them all. Oh, man.
Giorgio Armani
The color of these dresses are gorgeous- as well as the sweet florals that are topped off in a waterfall. I am not a fan of lavender dresses, but these are simply amazing. Lovely overall.

The jungle vibe of these strappy heels is perfect to mix with oranges and blues of this season.

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs' show was too cool- as if it was some sort of off-Broadway play. It was a nice mix-up of the usual runway.

The pearls up the ear sum up the whole pastels with an edge trend this spring. I'm not one for crazy piercings, but this is just too cool and unique. Most of the models in the show had a piercing other than one in the ear, and it had a huge, white, glimmering pearl. This look is great.

Thakoon is definitely over dying hair- they were literally painting the models' hair. I can only imagine how hard it was to get out! It did look great during the show, though!

This look is so galactic, yet springy. I love the gold eye makeup and the hair looks so soft! Too cool.

I love the evident pleat, and the oceana blue is perfect. But what I really love is this shot.


Well, everyone, tell me what you thought about these sweet candids! Thanks to Vogue to having them!


  1. Nice! These runway shots are so intense.
    I love your blog's backround, those crinkled maps are so cool.

    ... and thank you!
    Hope you follow back <3


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