Color Me Sunshine?

Dear Fashion Hauties, Do you like colored jeans? I've seen them trending. How do I wear them? -R
I'm pretty sure we've all seen the streets light up this spring, not with bright tops, but pants! I don't know anyone who doesn't love colored jeans! They add a great, unexpected pop in the outfit  that really makes it unique. Colored jeans are perfect for days that aren't quite warm enough for shorts, but you're dreading those jeans and you want to pack them up for the season.
Try out this spring's colors- pastels and orange will sweeten your day!
Colored jeans are hard to get the hang of, but after you do, you will be pleasantly surprised!
Wear simple tops with your dyed denim to create emphasis on the pants, not the whole outfit. Wearing a crazy shirt and pants is major overload.
If you want visual interest in the look, wear a textured top. Blue and yellow compliment each other, making the blue not the highlight of the outfit, and letting the yellow be the bright of the outfit. Use this color wheel to help you figure out the complimenting shades- colors next to and across from each other compliment.
These jeans are fun- see how the green is also the brightest color in the outfit? Use the rule: Bright Jeans mean bright jeans to remember that they need to be the centerpiece of the outfit.
Both of these outfits are similar- the jeans really are bright, and the cream colored tops make sure that the jeans are the center of the outfit. Let the jeans take the stage!
In all of these shots, the jeans really are the brightest part of the outfit. Notice that most of the tops are a simple neutral- nothing too interesting. The yellow and bright jeans' outfits have a bright or patterned top, but also notice how bright the jeans are- it's a nice balance.

Have fun with your new jeans! Email us your questions at! We're looking forward to answering your burning questions!


  1. LOVE coloured jeans. They are so cute! I've been searching for a pair, but I have no idea what colour I want! The yellow looks nice on you!
    :) MAREN

    1. Thanks so much! Take a peek at this post about choosing colors that flatter you: Other than that, I would totally go with a pair that isn't overly bright that fits you well. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for your recommendation.I want to tell you True Religion Outlet store is also a good choice.

  3. I like pink or yellow <3 Coloured jeans are soooo coool!! <3

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