I don't think I can keep this a Secret...

Hi, Guys! I thank all of the amazing comments and new followers I've gotten just this weekend- it's phenomenal! Anyways, I'm writing to tell all of you that...

I have lots in store for you to win! But here's where you come in: The giveaway doesn't officially start until I have fifty (50) followers via Google Friend Connect on the sidebar. Follow up! Google friend connect lets you follow with your Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Aim, Netlog, or Open ID accounts automatically.
Following my blog would keep you updated on this awesome contest series featuring amazing new pieces from Etsy! As soon as I get fifty followers, I will release the awesome stuff you will have the chance of getting- and you won't be disappointed! 
Also, I'm sorry for the delay with posting the rest of the photo shoot- we're having technical difficulties uploading them all, but hopefully they'll be up tomorrow!
Be sure to comment and let me know if you've been the recommend-er of new followers for a bonus pre-entry that is only available until I reach 50!

Thanks to all of you who follow, comment, and read- you won't be disappointed- this giveaway is going to be amazing!
As of publishing time, we have 34 followers. 16 to go!


Thanks so much for commenting! Your comments make my day! ♥

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