Trend Alert: Platform No More

This isn't much of a trend report, but more of an OUT report. That's right folks, that trend of comfy, yet super high pumps is no more. Fashionistas are all about true grit.
Haha, these are hilarious. Prada comes up with the best, and funniest, shoes. I love the flames, but with the pastels and bows galore, it isn't some kind of edge, it's a joke.
These Christian Louboutin stilettos are GORGEOUS! I love The ribbon at the top, and the way the shoe is designed, it will elongate the leg. These are precious.
I love how intricately designed these Valentino darlings are. The lace looks so articulate and particular, to the last detail, that they make me want to pull on a navy blue mini dress and go to a fashion show.

In fashion, if something looks more expensive, it ends up being more wanted and successful. Truly, would you like to look more like a millionaire or someone who has $20 in their savings account? For instance, take these shoes. The style is similar, but the first ones look as if they are more costly and that they are better quality. The second shoes could be a lot cuter in my opinion without the huge platform. The more that I look at heels, the platform makes me think of worse quality rather than  better.
Evident in this picture, shoes set the tone for the outfit!

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