FINALLY: The Best Photo Shoot Ever

Hi everyone! You're probably thinking, goodness gracious, what took so long?! And I agree! I'm so sorry for the insane difficulties that have appeared getting these shoots up. But, I promise, it's worth the wait! Take a look and I hope you enjoy!
Who knew Elli's feet could be so artistic?
Throw yourself into the shot.
We got this one, one of my favorites, as the sun was setting. It was beating down onto the grass and reflecting amazing hues. Such awesome colors.
I love the still- it sort of reminds me of a 1950's horror flick. It's too cool, because I was really walk-jump-falling off of the bench, not on the grass.
This shot is so country. I love it.
You won't believe where we got this one. Are you ready? This shot was taken in a baseball field. In orange sand. The turnout was excellent.
This ghostly picture is awesome and it really emphasizes Elli's hair.
Look into the lens! It's feet. How amazing is that?
I adore this picture. I mean love (ha, ha).
Elli's photographer pose.
I'm still obsessed with this one. Just saying.


  1. Looks like so much fun. mmm, running around in the sunshine

  2. Gr8 photos & not juat here, everywhere :)


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