Equestrian Vibes

Today- well this week, I have been feeling major equestrian vibes in the air.
Barn Jacket from Land's End Canvas, $180
I really like this coat. It is a nice alternative to the widely popular, but ridiculously expensive Barbour waxed jacket. Waxed jackets are so adorable, and have the cutest laid-back feel in any coat that I have seen.
Frye Boots, $500
I am in love with Frye Boots. They are adorable, perfect, and last forever. The one problem I have with these is the price. I personally would buy a new camera instead of $500 boots. If they were $100, I would totally have them. Riding boots are a total staple to all equestrian-styled wardrobes.
I love Molly's outfit in this picture. She has a great equestrian feel and tops it off with silliness using some bright red costume glasses. This look is very wearable and looks amazing on almost anyone. I suggest exactly what Molly wore: an oxford shirt, khakis, jeans, or riding pants/leggings, and leather equestrian boots. I love the preppy, polished off look of an oxford!
I also recommend wearing a blazer with a plain top underneath for an equestrian appeal.
This photo is a perfect example of how to dress up equestrian. I have already ranted about how much I love this outfit here. But I will rave again. This outfit is just so adorable and polished! The skirt has a great preppy feel, and a re-appearance of the riding boots!

Here is a great tutorial on an equestrian feel for makeup! 
Until next time, See you soon hauties! -Abby

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