Photo Journal: Braving Black Friday Madness.. in class.

This morning I almost went Black Friday shopping. It turned out that I slept in and decided to get some Christmas gifts in Georgetown, DC.
We definately stayed in Brooks Brothers the longest. They had decorated amazingly, hence the sheep below and the trees in the background.
That reminds me! Christmas is only a month from today- the excitement may have gotten the most of me... I have officially started listening to Christmas music on an hourly basis.
Just some delicious candy at a shop's display.
This was in Brook's Brothers again, and I couldn't get over it's adorableness. It definitely has an Ivy-feel, and is totally cute with the different striped patterns! I would totally get this for my room, but sadly it is pretty huge- about seven feet in diameter- and it wouldn't match. Next time I redo my room, I'll make sure to factor this preppy chandelier in!

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