I got a rock.

Checking up on style.com, I looked at some Spring 2012 RTWs. Pretty much, everything is all about white.
Celine and Valentino; both from style.com.
     Don't get me wrong, I love white, on tan and darker skin tones. White looks fabulous on them, people with extremely pale skin that barely tans in the summer (like me), wearing white after a long winter... leads to some ghost-comparison problems. Basically, all of the shows (luckily they used tan models and had the shows right after the summer) featured pretty much unwearable items for the February and March spring months. Personally, I do not plan to be following these white trends. 
Poor Charlie Brown. Definitely, ghostliness is not appealing, especially in the early spring months, without a costume party to attend, and while being handed rocks.
Alexander McQueen, Style.com.
I totally respect Alexander McQueen. He is an infamous style icon that changed fashion in America for years. But again with the ghost thing, even with the yellow-gold embellishments the effect is still there, especially with the makeup. To Do: Invest in some self tanner (actually no, it scares me, so I'll just chill with some spring-like colors and hope the rest of the world catches on.). Till next time, stay fabulous.

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