Railroad Tracks (I'm not talking about braces)

I always do two posts at once. I am sorry for not spacing them out better... anyways, I want to get away from my crazy family, who is at the moment fighting about a destructed old violin we found in the attic about how to play. They are notoriously failing.. it sounds like someone's dying. So I blog for long periods of time. 
Earlier today, Molly and I trekked town to the nearest body of water to our houses. It turns out it is a river. Next to this river were railroad tracks. I love railroad track pictures. They always turn out so adorable and hipster/hippie vib-ed, and I have been interested in having a train track shoot for a while!
I have an obsession with my tights. My family goes to see Santa at the mall each year as a tradition, and I wore those last year with a wool dress. They feel so crazy and child-like. Fabulous.
I love the lighting in this shot. It's so city-sleek.
I know, photo shoots always have hilariously mean/intense spirited facial expressions, but it's ok to smile every once in awhile. 
I wear a Lacoste polo, an Old Navy skirt, and Hue tights. I have no idea where my shoes came from.. I hadn't seen them before in my life before I took them out of my closet this morning...
Molly is wearing a striped H&M dress, which she scored the other day on black Friday for just five bucks! Funny story about that dress: We saw this article in Rookie (I swear, I am about half of their page views- I'm obsessed with a passion) about sibling matching and got inspired to get matching dresses. Although that didn't work out too well. Molly and I wear the same size, and they only had one. I tried on the smaller one, and it fit like a spandex suit.. definitely not attractive. It looks great on Molly though!
Railroad tracks are my absolute favorite thing. I already ranted about them though, so I guess it's time for goodbye... see you soon, Hauties!                  -Abby

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