Designer Consignment: An Interview

Hey guys! Here's a quick post about my interview with Sui from Sui Generis Consignment in Los Angeles, CA. Their adorable shop is again, an insider's secret,

             Why shop designer consignment?
                 Designer consignment is the best! It helps the environment to recycle garments already produce and help very one to look great on a budget.

              What is the best thing you have found at a designer consignment store?
               The love and appreciation for quality and style from buyers as well of the consignors.               

              What is one mistake people typically make about shopping at your kind of stores?
                 Looking for something very specific; is better to come with the idea of what u like but open to different options (probably you want to have a “name Designer” purple sweater; may not be here but the other designer name has a very similar one…  ) the point is you never know what you will find a Consignment shop.
Oscar De La Renta Dress
              Do you have any advice about shopping in a designer consignment store?
                Be open to possibilities, is a consignment shop it means most likely one of the kind pieces; is not a Department store.

         How do you personally tell if an item is worth selling or buying at your store?
                Has to be brand name, with style and Seasonal and of course in well conditions.

What is one thing which you have top quality and highest expectations for?  The presentation of the garment when Consignors come over for their appointments at the end they also are selling their beautiful clothes to us. (they need to be ready, dry clean or wash and nice folded or on hangers…
             What is the best deal at a Designer Consignment store (i.e. Jeans, Bags, Dresses, ect.)
               I think all is a great deal… where else you can find a high end quality product at 1/3 of the original value….
  Since most of the things at a Designer Consignment store aren’t in season, what things are not measured by trends- or what advice do you have about these out of season items?
             In our case we only select the consignment base in the season, that’s why we only take appointments for buying in order to know and tell them what  r we looking for.. however we always have a back stock ready in case that you are going to beacj in the mid of the winter… our Cruise Collection.
Thanks for reading, guys! Check out Sui Generis at:
2231 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 437-2231
All photos credit to Sui Generis.

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