The Best Photos of November

None of these photos in the first section I took, but they are defiantly inspiration for my outfit.
I still can't get over my love for this photo. By Michal Pudelka

Red Dress Display
This was taken by heykidbiteme on Flickr, and I love these dresses. They are all Valentino (one of my favorite designers),and this is one of those pictures I would forever want to frame and add to my fashion wall.
 From Urban Outfitters Print Shop.
I got this from Kiel James Patrick's Tumblr. All of these shirts look amazing and so worn in!
This is from live-love-lacrosse's tumblr.
This is a FABULOUS picture. I found it on Tavi's blog:, which is one of, if not my favorite blogs.
This is from hautinglylovely's Tumblr.

Here are a few pictures I've taken recently that haven't really fit into a category but that I still love!
(I would like to point out that the model is 12 years old.)

Well, that's it! Thanks so much for viewing! I'd love to hear your comments- it's the best hearing everyone's perspective on my photos! Feel free to comment below and/or follow my blog on the sidebar to the right.

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