Back for awhile

Sorry friends, this summer literally was mind spinning.
I have so much to share with you, It's not even funny.
First and foremost, I love you all! All of you guys are the best, most loyal readers ever, and I'm so sorry that I let you down! I have lots to tell, and advise, so don't worry!
So, to the trend report:
This fall, I am absolutely loving jewel tones. The colors are beyond wonderful, not only because they are pretty, but because they bring out everyone's eyes, no matter what the color.
In the transition from fall to winter, be sure to layer. Cardigans and brightly colored jeans and skirts can help brighten up the dark days!
Unfortunately, In all trend reports, I was disappointed to not see forest green on the list. I am always keen to forest green (no rhyme intended), and I believe it looks great on almost everyone. It looks good with most skin tones, and the olive family is frequent on many people's color wheels. Realizing that doesn't stop me- and it shouldn't stop anyone. Just because something doesn't fit someone's trends doesn't mean that they aren't allowed, its your style, not theirs, and don't let anyone take that away from you. 

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