Shoot with Molly and Elli

In thanksgiving readiness- and the cold- we braved the weather for a shoot.
This shot is uber-professional, and dare I say, should go on Molly's business cards.
I talked about this shot a lot in the last post, and I just love how the silhouette is just so defined! It definately has two focal points, which I love, because it does make the viewer look at it for a longer time to get the whole picture with the historic town and train in the background and us in the foreground. I think this shot is really cool because usually it is the complete opposite.
I had to get a snapshot during this huge gust of wind.. my hair looks crazy!
I am wearing a Lands End Canvas Pea Coat. This is one of two of my favorite jackets for the season: It's cosy and warm and definately kept me safe from the crazy wind yesterday (hence the picture above!).
I love this shot because it shows the magificant skyline of the town we were practically above.
This shot is AWESOME. Elli did a great job modeling for it- she looks super comfortable yet adorable. Plus, the warm pinkish-undertoned colors bring the whole shot together!
This is shot in the same location of a huge historic building- it's in a way the landmark of the area because it is so tall, and I believe the column Elli is standing next to is the tallest of the group. This definately gives the effect of height with Elli- who is already tall, that lucky duck!
I love Elli's cream colored blouse. It looks great with her hair, which is amazing (one of those moments when I envy redheads) and I love the subliminal effect of her coral earrins, which again bring out her skin tone and her hair. Her outfit is very put-together yet giving  a casual vibe.I love it!

Molly wears a J Crew red sweater, J Crew wool skirt, Macy's tights, Anthropologie cami, and riding boots. I adore her outfit because it is so winter chic. I really like how she had a lot of texture- the tank (I'm not sure if you can see it) is a 3-dimensional lace floral, and the skirt is a kilt-like wool plaid. To top it all off, she has intricately designed tights. I love the effect of the red sweater, and the riding boots bring the look together and make it look streamlined and helped avoid over-texturizing it by only showing a few inches of the tights.

Special thanks again to Molly and Elli for  modeling!

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  1. How cute! The girls look darling :) I am now following you!! come check out my euphoric fashion trends inspirations and follow me back?! :) xoxo-Monica


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