Sibling Matching... WHY?

Sibling matching, in my opinion, is the worst. Awkward holiday apperal, or customized shirts from family camp, and striped pants to name a few. All of which you are wearing in the framed, super-sized, enlarged, professionally shot picture to be placed on the mantel to mock you each time you walk through the room.
The ears and logo tees are a nice touch. Wait, why are they holding a Rudolf moose? This looks like a mix of a family business portrait, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter shots. Quite the laugh.
This one is my favorite. I love the top adult's face. This is ridiculous.. please, do so I can laugh at you don't recreate this pic. I promise, it will only bring unpleasant memories...
These kids are too funny. I love how they are totally matching, (luckily they're little kids-hopefully under five-so they don't get judged so much) but they are two different pieces. I suggest doing this sort of thing while on your family vacation to Disney- so many people will be staring and making room around you the kids will never get lost!

And here's one who's particularly (shudder) close to home:
Oh dear. The matching Alpine boys' sweaters from L.L.Bean and the side part. And the food on my brother's face... this is not too good. Even my nine year old self absolutely hated it.. thanks to my family's addiction love of having matching things, especially things matching exactly, I got caught in wearing many boys' turtleneck sweaters. One of those memories which you try to block out but it doesn't work...

Anyways, the point of this article was not to elaborate on my completely evident dislike of sibling matching apparel (especially at this time of year). It was to help, with a little guide, on how to cope.
For a semi-formal occasion, try to match the color of the bottoms and the basic color and pattern of the top. This will still have the effect of matching, but not the crazy identical stuff.

Matching Sibs!

Burberry Brit ruched skirt
$450 -

Clarks original
150 CAD -

Infant Boys New Fisher Jacket
$75 -

Kids' barn jacket
$60 -

Hunter Quilted Barn Jacket (Toddler)
$125 -

In more casual sictuations, do try to have identical tops or jackets. The leather coats my family purchased was unisex, which made it a bit more fair for all of us. We also all wore jeans, and some kind of orange to stick with the season and theme. I liked this because we truly did match but it was more neutral and definitely didn't make us stand out like above. For all occasions, I also suggest staying pretty far away from bold prints like our awful sweaters above.  We also had the option of being unique in adding accessories (sunglasses.).
For family matching, especially with more than two siblings, I encourage same but different! (Kind of like separate but equal, except this isn't talking about Jim Crow laws). For instance, the youngest has a hooded jacket. The older boy has his jacket buttoned all the way to the top, and I am wearing sunglasses. I love this kind of matching because it highlights a unique thing about each person yet it keeps it neat and orderly (which the adults like!).

Hopefully your family will take this advice and stay away from the personalized turtlenecks and monogrammed  sweater vests this holiday season!
Remember, KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! (K.I.S.S.- The Office quote!)
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