The Last Nice Day in a Long Time

I'm not sure if Molly and I are the most normal-est of teenagers. Our texts basically talking about tentative photo shoots, finished photo shoots, pictures we found on the internet, new clothes we got for photo shoots, and photo editing. Anyway, this is probably the 5th photo shoot day in a row, not counting Thanksgiving.
Molly (you guys have heard all about her!) came over today. We quickly got bored of gawking at Youtube videos and decided on once again a photo shoot. The second we stepped outside we sprinted to the leaves. And there we stayed for at least another hour, when it got so dark that even my flash was making the photos look darker than it would on the average 6PM. I think a lot of them turned out great!
This one is defiantly my favorite. It totally embraces the happy freespirit of fall. I seriously can't get over how much this photo is perfect.. it show's a personal happiness like dance that is so hard to capture on camera.
I adore fall. I promise, I am falling for it (pun half intended).
Molly wears an Old Navy pinstriped oxford, $25. I absolutely love it. It looks great because it stands out next to the leaves. Her outfit has an adorable equestrian feel, kind of like she just got home from riding. This is one of my favorite weekend looks (It was still technically the weekend for Molly's school- her break lasted a day longer than ours.).
Wait.. the pun should have been used up there.
Anyway, today was quite a lazy day. I am wearing a grey pullover- I think it was $30. 
You probably can't see the ribbon in my hair, but it is my favorite ribbon I own that I probably bought for a few cents at the local Variety Store.
The thing I did differently with my outfit which I wanted to try out was layering my mid-calf socks over my jeans. I suggest only doing this if you are wearing boots, and just a few inches above the boots is the sweet spot. I love it because they give a little spin on the traditional Ugg boot that is so plain, but doesn't over do it. I chose to wear my Christmas-y socks with grey reindeer on the top to polish off the pullover.
Just like this fall, this picture is a blur. Over and out! -Abby

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