Why I don't shop at the Mall: an Unconformed Series

Well, Readers, the truth is about to come out. Do you want to hear it? I went to the mall today for the first time since August. And I don't know if either of those trips even counted- I didn't buy anything either time.
     That seems moderately ridiculous. I am a fashion blogger, and yes, I have multitudes of photo shoots, all featuring different outfits. No, I do not shop online- I can't get a credit card until... undetermined, and my mother definitely won't let me use hers. I buy a good majority of my clothes from various boutiques around my area, especially unique items, and go to somewhere like JCrew or Old Navy for less expensive staples like plain tees and layers.

Here is a perfect sample (Sorry about how far away the shot was taken!) of an entire outfit not bought at the mall. The sweater was from my neighborhood JCrew. I live near a boutique shopping district, so it was outside of a mall. The pants are and the tank is from another boutique in the district. This shows how using just a few shops around your town that you didn't know existed can help you create an outfit.
This series is designed to help you just about everything that has to do with shopping outside the mall. It will cover everything from how to distinct good and bad from vintage, get good deals, and finding unique pieces that you can guarantee that nobody else will have. This series will also help with techniques in budgeting and finding things you love even on a slim allowance. 
Here are a just a few of the topics to look out for in the next couple weeks:
  • The Do's and Dont's of Vintage
  • Thrifitng: Pro's and Cons
  • Affording things you want as a Teen
  • Key Pieces for Budgeters
  • How to find a local boutique
  • Benefits of shopping at boutiques instead of the mall
  • How to figure out if something is worth buying thrift, some reasons to turn down vintage

Hopefully, this series will have an addition added to it at least a few times a week until Christmas! To keep up with how to shop smart as a teenager-or an adult, please subscribe to the blog- every subscriber means a lot to us! Email subscriptions are also available on the sidebar.
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!
This Ralph Lauren oxford was purchased for $15 at a local designer consignment store.


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