Fall Colors Mean One Nice Photo Shoot

Hey guys! Elli and I had a fun shoot the other day around Old Town and it turned out great! We took the photos as soon as the sun started to set, so the lighting was just perfect.I hope you enjoy!
My top is from Madewell, Cardigan from Nordstrom. Bracelet from Gap, and earrings from Pier One. Jeans from Banana Republic. I wore this look to school and went for a casual day, but I really wanted to incorporate some texture into the look so I went for the lace.
I love Elli's soft pink scarf! It's too cute and since it's so close to your face, it brings out the color in your cheeks. This light pink is perfect for her hair's shade of red.
Elli poses as mother nature on a daily basis.
I love this headshot of Elli! It totally reminds me of a senior portrait.
I'm just a tad bit obsessed with this picture. The crispy leaves and cars in the background? My perfect fall in the city. 
Some more senior-looking portraits of Elli.
Yes, we're ready for Christmas. Starting with Elli the red nosed reindeer!
I'm obsessed with this shot of Elli. With the sun right behind her, it lit up her hair.
This is what I was talking about with the scarf! I actually look like I have some color on my face- miracles do happen!
Here's another cool shot with the sun behind my head.
I'm not exactly sure why I have a flower in my mouth, but I like this photo none the less!
Thanks so much for reading and commenting- they make my day!

New Obsession: New Boots

Hey Guys! I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much lately! I've done some really great shoots with Elli and some friends during my absence, and I can't wait to show you! But first, I'm just going to take a minute to express obsession with my Frye riding boots that I recently bought. By obsession, I mean I've worn them basically every day since buying them. Although the price of Frye boots is pretty steep, I consider the cost well worth it because they're adorable, classic, and sturdy- I'll be wearing these in college and beyond.
In case you were wondering, these are the Frye Shirley Riding Boots.
My other pair of boots is a really light brown shade of leather, so it didn't match all of my wardrobe, and I've found the richer chocolate shade matches the majority of my wardrobe. If I had to wear one pair of shoes for the entire fall, it would be these boots!
If you have the opportunity to get a great pair of boots, I highly suggest getting them, if nothing else! They instantly polish off an outfit.
I love my new boots so much! What is your fall staple of 2012?
I'll catch up with you later today with one of Elli and I's newest photo shoots- and stay tuned for a big announcement on Monday!

The Ponytail: The Lost Art

Hey guys! Today I'm going to tell you a little about a dying art- the ponytail. I haven't worn a ponytail (besides today) in almost a year, for various reasons. Unless it's a good hair day, your ponytail looks sloppy. And if your hair is overly thick like mine, you'll see a poof of hair bobbing behind your hair with every step you take. It hasn't always been my favorite.
If you've noticed in my blog, I have a ridiculous obsession with the side braid, because it's so easy. The side braid is basically my ponytail. But that's another story.
Anyways, here are some photo-spirations reagarding ponytails. Enjoy!
Tibi Fall 2012
Jason Wu Fall 2012
Say yes to Hobogen
I love the minimalism.
Anyways, it's pretty obvious here that I'm developing an obsession with ponytails. What do you think?

100 Followers Giveaway!

Hi Guys! I'm so happy to announce that we've reached 100 members! It's 100% thanks to you. Thank you for reading my blog and following and keeping up with my endless photo shoots! Also thanks to some fantastic sponsors, we've got some great things to give away to thank you for being so great! Enter in the Rafflecoptor Application below!
Here's what you can win:
These absolutely gorgeous earrings are from Wild Juniper You. They're so classic and perfect and oh, do I love them! These will match perfectly with a simple dress or a cozy sweater this fall. Both of these are worth $10. I'm so excited about this prize!
This darling ring is from Orange Juniper Jewelry. Worth $28, it's seriously the cutest thing you could wear on one finger! The stone is a Black Diamond Czech Glass, which I got a peek of, and it sparkles, sparkles, sparkles! I totally wish I could win this!
Who doesn't love Lilly Pulitzer? This super cute Lilly-inspired bangle is by Cindy Spangler. This bangle will be too cute this year brightening up any outfit!

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New Giveaway: ARametta Designs Bracelet!

Hi guys! We're so close to 100 followers, and I couldn't resist showing you all one of my new favorite products that you now have the opportunity to win!
This sailor-inspired bracelet by ARametta Designs is absolutely gorgeous! My favorite color is forest green, and it's perfect for fall! I love the design which is subtle, but still can be used as a statement. Make sure you check out the ARametta shop for even more cute bracelets!
The anchor button is too cute! It really tops off the inner sailor of the bracelet, and it's vintage!
Sizes available are 7",7.5", and 8".
Enter using Rafflecopter below to win this stunning bracelet!
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Thanks so much for entering and stay tuned for the 100 followers giveaway!

20 Things To Entertain Your Weekend

Hey guys! One of the best things in life are weekends. Free time, great memories, happiness. Here are twenty things on my Fall Weekend Bucket List that I wanted to share with you that will make your weekend unique.
  1. Go on a boat ride. If you're not land-locked, chances are that there's a local boat company that offers nightly boat rides. There's a ton of options to go boating near my house, and I have to say, it's a TON of fun! You meet new people, get breeze in your hair, and have a unique experience. I may be biased because I do sailing as a sport, but it's a great time.
  2. Make a Mug Cake. Mug cakes are actually the most delicious things I've ever had. And they take like 5 minutes to make! Perfect way to make homework a little less tiresome. Here's my favorite recipie from Ready Set Eat:

    Image via Stellar Kitchen
    Ingredients: Cooking Spray, 1 TBS Peanut Butter, 1 Cups Whipped Cream, 1 Egg White, 1/4 Cup Brownie Mix Spray insides of 2 large microwave-safe mugs with cooking spray. Place 1 tablespoon peanut butter in bottom of each mug. Whisk together Reddi-wip, Egg Beaters and brownie mix in medium bowl. Place half of batter in each mug.Microwave each mug individually on HIGH 1 minute to 1 minute 15 seconds or until set. Invert each cake onto a plate. Serve immediately with additional Reddi-wip, if desired.
  3. Go Dress Shopping. Spending time at a fancy dress shop can turn out to be tons of fun. I got the oppertunity to become friends with some at a store near my house, and she's told me about meeting designers like Vera Wang! Not to mention the simply adorable dresses you'll get to try on!
  4. Make a Youtube Video. I'm not particularly attracted to YouTube, but the occasional video can be lots of fun. The options are endless. Grab a couple friends and leave me a comment of the link!
  5. Go fruit picking. Nothing tastes better than fruit thats freshly picked from a farm. Not only do you know that the food you're about to eat is healthy and hasn't been treated, but they taste amazing compared to anything you'd buy at the grocery store.
  6. Make a Magazine Collage. Collaging, and decorating your room in general, will prove to be an experience that is well worth your time. You'll see your work every day.
  7. Go to a fancy grocery store. I am seriously obsessed with fancy grocery stores. Everything tastes great, the bakery is always delicious, and sometimes it's well worth the steep prices for a snack.
  8. Go on a Scavenger Hunt. As a little kid, I had an obsession with scavenger hunts. It's not as huge any more, but a little hide and seek is always fun! 
  9. Send a totally random care packgage. Send your friend out of town a little treat. Weather it's a simple box or a weirdly shaped toy with a stamp on the back, chances are they'll love it!
  10. Go Jewelry Shopping. Something that can make shopping more fun is to get something that you don't usually buy, and splurge on your purchase. It'll be worth it when you find yourself using it all the time in the future! I tend to pass up jewelry, but whenever I do buy it, I wear it all the time.
  11. Buy some seasonal food. Since it's October, pumpkin is the current food of choice! Seasonal food will get you into the mood and help you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year (now)!
  12. Go to the pumpkin patch. Again, celebrate the current upcoming holiday! It only comes once a year! Grab some friends and go to a decked out pumpkin patch. I garuntee you will all have a fantastic time.
  13. Get lost in a corn maze. Corn mazes and haunted houses are other ways to celebrate the holiday with friends. I can't live a year without going to one or the other- they're a ton of fun!
  14. Go look at art. I'm not very artistically talented, but I love looking at art. It's a perfect reason to dress up! Find a local gallery and check it out- you may even meet the artists!
  15. Go to a Coffee Shop. Go to a locally owned shop and get their signature drink. I can garuntee you won't be dissapointed! Most coffee shops have an urban feel that's oh-so hipster.
  16. Go for a Walk Seeing your neighborhood from a car is much different than on foot. Discover new things with just a stroll around the block.
  17. Go into the country. I love going on mini-road trips into a more rural area. Who knows what you'll discover!
  18. Organize a flash mob. This will take a little work, but it's so worth it! I seriously need to participate in a flash mob as soon as possible.  
  19. Act like you're 6 at the Park. That's right. Go to your local playground and party like it's first grade. Trust me, it's actually fun.
  20.  Have A Photo Shoot! (If you read this blog regularly you knew that I would post this!) I have photo shoots all the time! They are so much fun, and you end up with great pictures and a fun memory!
You guys probably won't view most of these things as fun- I especially have an odd sense of fun, so I'm not particularly the person to ask if you want a mainstream suggestion. The point of this list is YOLO. I have a serious problem with people who do things they'll later regret while saying YOLO, while it really should be taken as carpe diem.
This weekend, take chances, have fun, be unique.
Happy Friday!

Let me know your Weekend Suggestions! I'm looking to add to my list!

P.S. We're so close to 100 members! There's an amazing giveaway headed your way at 100! Help us reach that goal! 

Dreams Do Come True: Press Passes at DC Fashion Week

Hi Guys! Have you ever wanted to sit front row at a fashion show? Have you dreamed of taking pictures of newly-designed clothes as they were shown down the runway? I did! And dreams came true! I had a great time at DC Fashion week a while back and just got to posting the pictures! Hope you enjoy!
Experimenting with Long-Exposure
One of my favorite gowns of the night!
We got front row seats! So much fun!
This jacket was just gorgeous. I loved this emerging designer's print.
Emerald, one of the colors of fall, looks just wonderful on this gown.
Molly and I at the red carpet backdrop. 
Shooting at the French Embassy couture show!
Overall, DC fashion week was such an amazing experience and I am so grateful to have received press passes! Molly, Elli, and I had a wonderful time! Have a great week y'all!

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