Today I was looking back at an old post about sibling matching and realized that I hadn't even mentioned how to match with your family or friends in a photo shoot. Forget the old belief that everyone has to match perfectly, because that doesn't give the shoot a personality or give everyone a person a unique look. Wearing the same outfit will appear as a uniform and will look like the opposite of natural. Wearing a look that goes, but isn't identical, will give each person included in the shoot individuality, no matter how large the group is. Here's an awesome chart you can refer to for inspiration and color schemes:
Notice how these all have color schemes, not one prime color. Even white had some cream and khaki mixed in. When you are shooting with a large group, you don't want anyone to go unnoticed. I love this guide because it gives room for decisions and can exhibit people's true personalities through their clothing. By not picking out someone's outfit for a photoshoot but guiding them by a color scheme, they will feel more themselves, and it will show through the shoot.

Have a great day and a beautiful Easter! -Abby