Night Around Town

I went to this gorgeous harbor-front town tonight for dinner and festivities. Here's my photo journal about what I did, saw, and got.
We got there right as the sun was setting.
First, we did a lap at the beach. Some sculptor made these awesome statue-ish things that look like a human under the sand- except a giant. It makes me think of Gillagan's Island!
Sitting in Gilligan's mouth.
The sand was nice and cool for a change! This spring was amazingly warm, but it has seasonably cooled down again, causing me to wear a sweater, mocs, and jeans.
Sweater from Land's End. Jeans from Madewell, Minnetonka Mocs, Dooney and Bourke bag. All of my accessories were either handmade or given to me as gifts.
 By far, my favorite store we went to tonight was Fossil. The store was so adorable! The people who worked there were very nice as well. It was all around a great experience.
Their vintage tins were too cute- my mother and I both got one!
This Tortishell watch is gorgeous! Perfection in a watch. I believe it was $95.
Next, we toured this awesome hotel and convention center that had this main area that looked like you were outside- even though you were inside!
The background is the floors of the hotel and the rooms.
Fun color-changing fountain.
View from the 19th floor!
I came across these really cool collages that featured every state in license plates! Love it!


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