DIY: 3-Dimensional Wall Monogram

I've recently been in the process of mini-making over my room- getting new decor, sheets, and shelving- and I looked up and down for a place that made monograms as I was visualizing in my head. Nobody had the right A for me! I decided that the best medicine would to be to make my own. Channel that inner Wendy the Builder and let's get building!
What I ended up with (I'm planning on painting it tomorrow):
1. Make yourself a template out of cardboard. I did mine freehand and just cut it out. Don't worry about making the letter backwards or anything- save that for later.
2. Grab a scrap or preferred piece of wood. Place your template down BACKWARDS on the back of the wood. This will make your letter the right way facing out as you finish.
3. Trace your template onto the piece of wood.
4. Grab a Drill with the largest bit you can find and a Jigsaw. Plug them in.
5. If you have experience with jigsawing, begin to cut the outline of your letter. If you don't, I would get the hang of it and practice technique on a scrap piece of wood. 
6. After you've finished cutting out the general outline, get ready for the tricky part: the inside.
7. Following your template, drill four holes into the corners. Get as close to the template as possible, but don't touch the line or go outside.
8. Connect the dots! From the outside of each hole, follow the template to the next one.
9. Once you've finished, you should have a clean, crisp hole inside your letter.
10. Touch up all weirdly shaped lines and use sandpaper to smooth the edges.
11. Take 1-Inch thick blocks of wood and use gorilla glue to attach them to your letter.This will make it look more 3D.
12.Nail your hook to the top block of wood.
13. Channel your inner Martha Stewart decorate your letter accordingly. I haven't gotten the chance to, but I'm planning on painting my A.
Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Let me know how yours turned out!
Now, I can officially call myself Wendy the Builder.


  1. Cool Idea, and great blog! I love all the fashion and creative ideas!! Want to follow each other? I would love to be your following friend :)



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