Color Me Beautiful

My friend Isa and I hit the streets in our latest ensembles, shot some photos, and almost got kidnapped in two hours! Beat that! 
This jump shot sort of reminds me of a Kate Spade or Marc Jacobs ad where they use an ironic pose. It turned out to be an interesting shot, although I have no idea what, "chock trailer when parked," means.
Top from American Apparel, Chino Shorts from J. Crew. Scarf from a local boutique. I positively love Kelly Green, and the scarf offsetted the shorts from being too dramatic. It has a fun Navajo print that is really great for summer. 
Isa's olive shirt matches almost exactly with her eyes. It's a great color for her skin tone as well!
Now, if you're wondering about the kidnapping story, a man twice our size approached us and begged us to let him take pictures of us with my camera. We politely declined.
The water and sky were looking positively gorgeous. April is finally getting warm again!
This is one of my favorite shots of the day. The stair steps make a really neat angle.
I wore my Vera Bradley pink paisley bag that I've had for years so I'm not sure of the print's name. I figured the paisley had a nice contrast with the black but didn't take much attention from the scarf or shorts.
I love Isa's hair in this picture!
Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. cool pictures! i really like the scarf :)

  2. You girls are too cute! Love your outfits && you are great models! :) Keep it up!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well! Hope you will be back soon!



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