Dear Abby Fashion Edition: Summer Spark

Hey Abby!  I love your blog :) I was just wondering if you could answer this question: 
What do you think the trends are for summer 2012? And what stores do you think people could get new trends for a good price and good quality? Thanks! :)
-Lynn Stevens

Hi Lynn! Thanks for your question. Most summer trends are a continual mix of what we saw this spring. Here are a few of my favorite trends that have found their way to the summer months as well. 

 Colored Denim
Elli's pants are from Gap, $60.
Elli wore these mint green gems perfectly! Colored jeans spice up any outfit with tons of ease. Obviously in the summer it's scorching hot so you can opt for colored denim shorts, or something I have an obsession with:
Structured Shorts
Molly and I's shorts are both from J. Crew, $49.50
These shorts are amazing! I purchase mine from J. Crew- they are known as the Chino, but I have seen a few knockoff ones at lower prices from stores like Target, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor. It's not an exaggeration to say that I have an obsession with mine- I have a few pairs that I wear as much as possible because they flatter and polish a look with incredible ease. These shorts are minimal and structured so they look great with basically anything because they can be dressed up and down. I often wear mine tucked in to a top or tank with a necklace and a stack of bracelets for an easy outfit that still looks put together.
Pastel- Especially Bottoms
Shorts from Tommy Hilfiger, $54.
Pastels were extremely popular this spring both on the runway and off. They look great for tops and bottoms, but I am especially loving pastel shorts! Again with the chinos (this time they weren't J. Crew though!), I know, but they really do flatter just about everyone! Try them out in pastel colors- lighter colors will really pop (especially with summer tans!) and they give a nice girlie effect that darker colors can't give. They are perfect for just about anything!
Top from Ralph Lauren, $35. Jeans from Madewell, $72. Sandals from Melissa.
Orange is the official color of Spring 2012, and I really didn't realize how much I loved it until this trend! The secret people don't tell you about orange makes you look tan! Because tans are very orange-toned, next to your skin, you look darker. As you can see, my arms look a whole lot tanner than my feet!
Lace top from Madewell; $46. Hat from boutique.
Unfortunately I can't find a detailed shot of a lace top that I'm wearing, but lace tops and dresses look gorgeous in the summer. They are pretty lightweight (so not too hot), and they can be really cute! I advise you to select lace that looks more like a doily than lingerie to keep the look classy (And cute, for that matter. Tops with sheer lingerie-ish lace look cheaply made for the most part.).
Rose Gold Jewelry
Michael Kors watch, Forever 21 pink&blue bangles, "Sweet" Bracelet- Bauble Bar, and Rose Gold Bangles unknown
Rose gold is a nice play on the traditional gold (which you would connect with old ladies who own several cats). It brightens up the metal and has pink undertones which make the look more youthful. I am seriously in love with rose gold this season, because I'm personally kind of sick of silver everything! Embrace the rose!
Fun Shops to Look Into:
Here are a few shops that I am in love with with varying price points: J. Crew, Madewell, Banana Republic, Boutiques, Old Navy, H&M, Gap, Francesca's Collections, Nordstrom's BP, Tommy Hilfiger, Rag and Bone, Zara, Brandy Melville, and Ann Taylor. If you're looking for a great deal, check out designer consignment stores. They often have unworn pieces complete with original tags that people have bought and didn't end up wearing for whatever reason for great prices!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for submitting, Lynn!
If you have any style questions for Dear Abby Fashion Edition, you can email them to or post on our wall. Thanks!


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