What Lacks Color Doesn't Lack Allure

Hey guys! My friend Molly and I had a little shoot yesterday that we decided to shoot completely in black and white. We did lots of overexposure shots where basically everything is white, but I really like how they turned out! Let me know what you think!
Molly's dress is from Target and her belt and earrings are from a local boutique.
I have a bit of an obsession with my striped shirt. It's simple and refined, yet really does make a statement when paired with great accessories. For this shoot, I went for a very classic vibe with the silver beaded necklace and black shorts. Top is from Madewell, Shorts from Old Navy. My bag is from Dooney and Bourke and my necklace is from Sundance.
I really love black and white shots if I'm shooting in black and white- they really give a different feel to the photo. Although when shooting in color, I can almost never bear to take the color out of photos.
I love Molly's mirrored aviators. They're so much fun for summer days at the harbor!
My cutout booties are from Vince Camuto. I seriously am in love with them. They are the perfect mix of classic, edgy, and wearable.
Black and white portraits are great for headshots- we got so many!

White looks great in the summer- and there's a reason it's prefered after memorial day! Here it looks great with Molly's tan- without a tan, white can wash you out, so be careful wearing it in the Winter!
I love this headshot Molly took.
Here are a few shots we took with major overexposure. I know a lot of photographers don't like overexposure, but I really enjoy using it- it makes eyes and hair really stand out from other facial features!
These are my two favorite headshots of Molly.
Here's another display of my love for overexposure- they were both taken with water for the background and the river literally turned out white, which I love. It looks like these were shot in a studio.
I'm loving this train tracks bubble gum shot.

Do you like underexposing shots?
Thanks for reading!


  1. love that photos!

  2. you look beautiful as usual Abagail :)


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