Flowers Are Out and About

Hi Guys! An old friend of mine, Caileigh, and I decided to have a mini reunion and take a few pictures! In the middle of our shoot it started to rain. Here are a few of our favorite shots, despite the downpour, and a few of my favorite things along the way!
I love this floral wall! My top is vintage, shorts are from J. Crew, belt is from American Eagle Outfitters, and bangle is from Target.
Near the boathouse where she does crew, there was a gorgeous boardwalk surrounded in wildlife. It was an absolutely perfect photo op! My bag is Vintage Dooney and Bourke and I am wearing my Burlap Toms.
Caliegh is one of those people who always has on outfits that I absolutely adore without fail! Her lace-front tank is from forever 21 and her jean shorts are Levi's, and Rainbow flip flops.
We came across some train tracks that are still in use today- just on rare occasions for a newspaper. Train tracks always look amazing in shoots!
I love this head shot of Caileigh! She has the most gorgeous curly red hair!
Here's another shot from the train tracks. This is one of my favorites of the day.
I got a fun texture shot on the dock at the marina as we were walking.
Isn't this the coolest ball you've ever seen? We found it at the drugstore right before lunch and had a bit of an obsession!
I know Caileigh from dance years ago, so of course she had to showcase her awesome moves!
Here's another gorgeous headshot of Caileigh!

Thanks for reading! Before this photo shoot I didn't notice the fun scenery in the area around where I live. It was a great shoot! What do you do on the rainy days of summer?


  1. I read on rainy days. Always :) And I love those top three pictures, along with all the others. You two are beautiful subjects! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!) Philippians 4:8


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