Uptown Downtown

Hi Guys! I went with Elli to visit her relative's house and not only was it in gorgeous Washington, DC, but a perfect photo shoot location! Check out some of my favorite shots!
We found a few fun hats to try on!
I love this shot of Elli!
My top is from J. Crew, and shorts are from Banana Republic. Vintage belt. I put this outfit together because the navy pinstripes had a huge contrast with one of my favorite colors of the season, orange. Orange brightened up the look and the 3/4 sleeves gave the look a laid-back feel.
Not going to lie, these hat shots came out well because we went inside for the air conditioning to beat the 105 degree heat!
Shooting on their balcony. It was such a gorgeous view!

Next, we played a few tunes on the guitar. Neither of us actually play very well, so it was quite interesting ad-libbing songs!
Their dogs were so adorable! Surprisingly, they aren't related!
Elli loves her electrolytes!
Thanks for reading! How are you beating this extreme heat?

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