Photo Editing Tutorial: It's All In The Eyes

Before: A nice photo, but not memorable. After: A winning statement that people will bring up in conversation- "Oh that profile picture of yours, the one with the glasses? That was so cool!"
The where's waldo effect gives a great sort of magical look to the glasses, again making a memorable statement.

Now here's how you work magic!
1. Get a picture where you are wearing or holding sunglasses. Edit it however you want, get it to star quality. Here is the one I used, but be creative! There's tons you can do with a pair of glasses!
I've found that using regular glasses is easier than sunglasses, if possible!
2. Find another picture that you want to be viewed inside the glasses. This picture can't be altered or moved around, so I suggest picking a patterned photo.
3. Upload your picture on Picmonkey. Click on the bottom diamond option (textures). Select upload your own.
4. A small window called 'paint' will open, and check the box at the bottom of it that says "Reverse Effect." Use your cursor to paint inside the sunglasses.
5. Go on the makeup editing page (click on the lipstick) and brighten eyes if needed. Edit the photo however you want to go with your magical glasses! I used vibrance, tranquil, and time machine because this is a bit of a 'groovy' edit.
I hope you enjoyed! Have a great time editing your photos! I'd love to see them- tweet us @fashion_hauties.


  1. I'm gonna have soooo much fun with this editing Friday night is now booked.

    1. So much fun! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Love this Abby! I am definitely going to do this sometime! :)


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