Seaglass and Park Benches

Hi Guys! My friend Zoe and I were walking around town yesterday and decided to shoot a few pics to show you what we did. I hope you enjoy!
I love Zoe's Navajo shorts! They go really well with the tribal trend this summer, but make it bright and not so dull.
My top is from Ralph Lauren. Jeans from Madewell, and shoes from Melissa. Belt from American Eagle Outfitters.
Having a photo shoot in a field of daisies has been on my bucket list for the longest time! Truthfully, this wasn't an actual field of daisies, but we decided to shoot in them anyway- it was close enough!
I love her hair!
Red Crossbody from Coach.
I practiced my hobo skills on a park bench.
I have a serious obsession with crossbodies, and this is my only and newest addition- love!
This jump shot is hysterical- it looks more like a belly flop!
Close up on the sand volleyball court.
Goodness, don't we all wish for such long legs?
Another shot with the daisies!
We came across a mini-beach when we were walking down the river. I seriously FREAKED OUT! I have always wished for a beach near me! This defiantly isn't a swimming beach, but I can see myself spending hours down here collecting treasures.
Shells galore!
We collected a ton of seaglass!
Thanks for reading and have and remember to explore your town- you may find a hidden treasure just like we did!


  1. Love these pictures, Abby! So pretty! I love the seaglass and the daisies! Very summer-y!
    -MAREN :)

    1. Thank you! Me too- summer is the best season!


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