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Hi Guys! So I got a couple requests after asking a question on my giveaway to do a post about more of my life and what I do outside the traditional photo shoot. Here's the truth: I have no life! Just kidding. But basically every photo shoot I participate in makes it to the blog. I'm not sure if it counts or not, because these are still photo shoots, but they weren't taken specifically for the blog. Here are some pictures of Pre-Orchestra Concert and free time (We had some testing at school, so basically all those that weren't testing were pushed off to the gym or dance studio.). I hope you enjoy these crazy photos!
Here's my friend Joey, during gym time! For some reason she hates this photo. Who agrees with me that this is gorgeous?
Clare the master jumper.
We made a crown during study hall that everyone refused to wear.
Before the orchestra concert, Joey and I got dinner. They were out of Chicken Pot Pies, so naturally, I got a kids' meal and she got soup.
Emma Jumping off a pile of plastic bricks.
We took a ton more photos before the Orchestra concert! For something that was not planned whatsoever, it turned out great!
I love this pic of these two!
That's right, I'm awkwardly sitting in the middle of the two talented ones!
Anna's classic face and Joey's focused face.

Lizzie and Kirby!
Getting some air.
I love this shot of Claire, but I love her death jump below better! Unfortunately she stopped jumping after this shot- do not try this at home! She went to the nurse.
Kirby and Emma.
I love this shot! My head is in the mirror, and even though my toes aren't pointed, they're crazy looking!
More crafts in study hall.
A final jump shot.
Here's a shot of my Oovoo-ing my best friend, Linnea Thursday night.

Speaking of Life, Here are some of my favorite shots I've seen from the June photo challenge so far:
Day 1: Seafood-By: Isa L.
Day 2: Luck- By: Anonymous

Well guys, thanks for stepping into my life for a bit! Let me know if you want me to do more posts like this!


  1. I love all those jumping ones :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!) Philippians 4:8


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