New Review: GS Monograms

Hi Guys! Today I'm here to tell you about one of my favorite new shops, Gamecock Shan Monograms. They have absolutely the cutest things on the planet- not exaggerating. Ok, I admit to having a slight obsession with monograms. Check out my new favorites!
I know- I have the worst phone on the planet! But it's a lot cooler now thanks to the awesome monogram on the back! I seriously love these- they're press on's and literally stick to anything- easily. I've tried to do a wall decal with a similar application and it was nearly impossible, and this is nothing in comparison!
I got this fun leather-bound notebook for my birthday and figured a white one would look fabulous in the corner.
Ah! I cannot stop loving this! As of what I can tell, the quality is pretty good- it's stayed in tact carrying the notebook around throughout the day.
Now- here's what they're famous for- and for great reason! I squeal over the cuteness every time I even glance its way! Goodness, a tiny monogram button? Can't get over it. Literally, this is why I want an iphone.
Of course, I mono-ed my lens cap! It looks adorable. I also stuck a smaller one on the back of my camera, but obviously I can't photograph it.
I highly suggest you check out their shop- monograms start at $2.50! I can't wait to order some more!

Thanks so much for reading everyone!

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