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Thanks for reading Fashion Hauties! My friend Emma and I had a photo shoot today with a few of our casual dresses. Check out what we wore and our favorite shots!
Emma's Lace Dress from Nordstrom. Necklace c/o Party By Nicole. Stay tuned on Wednesday to hear about my obsession with these necklaces!
I'm loving this headshot!
We shot at a Gristmill that was used in the 1800's and is still in use today! Even though it may seem like a tourist trap, it wasn't overflowing with fanny-pack disposable camera holding onlookers. It did, however have a couple people yelling at us for trying to shoot a picture of a baby duck because they thought it was going to drown (no ducks were hurt in the making of this post!).
The necklace in periwinkle. I am obsessed.
My nautical inspired dress is old from J. Crew. Cardigan from Old Navy, belt from Lilly Pulitzer, and sandals from Melissa.
Absolutely stunning.
This picture is awesome basically because of the reflection. I am literally in love.
Again with the reflecion! I title this Where's Waldo?
Dress from Hollister Co. I know, I know, I bought something from Hollister. I usually don't, but I've had this dress for ages and it was really unique for the store. I haven't seen one like it, ever. I love the cabin-y plaid. Sailor's bracelets c/o What Knot Shop
Thanks for reading! -Abby


  1. Where is the necklace you're wearing from?

    1. Hi Sydney, the necklace is from Party By Nicole on Etsy! We're going to be featuring later this week- tune in!

  2. i am OBSESSED with those glasses! such a great peace & keep up the great work abby :D we need to have a photoshoot w/ molly anytime your ready!

    1. Yes! That would be so fun! And thank you!


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