I'm in the hospital with denim overload!

By Sarah Jean
Hey, have you ever walked down the street and seen people wearing jean dresses? Yes I am actually talking about human beings wearing jean dresses. Wearing denim in moderation is perfectly fine, if you have a pair of Jean shorts with a jean jacket, then you're kinda pushing the enevolpe. Adding denim to an outfit can make it elegant and yet sophisticated, just remember that before you see that type of material in a store and decide to buy it. We are now in the 21 century not to forget spring/summer time, that means you need to dress appropriately. And no I don't mean not wearing anything revealing, what I mean is you cannot wear a heavy material like denim and not expect to sweat like a pig. Not to mention it is completely unattractive, why did you think they weren't is style for the first time?
The picture shown is a perfect example.. Stella McCartney must've made a huge mistake here, because this shapeless outfit reminds me of a Preschool teacher who woke up five minutes before the kids arrived... And how would you feel if this was all mustard yellow? Or puke green? It's the same with Jean. This is not only destined, but affirmative, it's a denim OVERLOAD.

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