Margaret: Primped for the Beach! Unforch, we're stuck at home.

Margaret, my fabulous, and should I say, very dernier cri, neighbor likes to shake up her preppy style with some unexpected and unique features that NOBODY else will dream up of adding to her outfit.
Outfit One:
Margaret wearing a Lilly Pulitzer Dress; $298.
Gold Sparkle Converse; $45.

Who would have ever thought to add some sparkley Chucks to remix the whole thingymajig? Margaret. It adds a spunky touch of flavor and flattory, offering a rebel-ish vibe that is unpredicted with the effortlessly chic Lilly dress which is so incconient, yet adorable.
Outfit Two!
Lilly Pullitzer Tunic; $198.

Miss Trish of Capri Sandals; $50 (approx)
A wee bit too small? Psh, who cares?  They're adorable! And what really exites me about these is the new Miss Trish for Target line! They're super cute, and only like $20-$30, great compared to $50. My only complaint is that they don't carry the rubber swim collection.

Outfit 3: Shirt from Target and Shorts cut from jeans from Old Navy.
So adorable!
Thanks Margaret for letting us shoot your wardrobe!

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