Summer Colors

Hey Sarah J. Back! This time I'm here to talk about summer. We all know and love this season, flip flops and Swimsuits, what is there not to love. We just have to remember that during all this summer excitement, fashion is a must!

Skin is very pale and pink, for most of us. Summer coloring usually occurs in natural blondes, and even pale-skinned brunettes with pale eyes, but don't worry I haven't forgotten about my dark skinned people.

Best Colors for Summer

Summer people have a low level of contrast between their hair, eye color and skin tone. For you to look your best, choose soft neutrals and pastels, as well as muted colors with cool undertones. Powder blue, dusty pink, mauve, lavender, plum, and pale yellow are all great color choices.

 If you have sort of dark skin tones like me, I would recommend bright colors, but don't wear everything neon. It's ok to mix a little as long as you don't go overboard, and look like a walking highlighter.

Worst Colors for Summer

Avoid intense, vivid hues because they will look harsh and drown you out. Nor should you wear earth tones. Stay away from black and orange.


Unless you have no connection to the outside world, you should know that here, dresses and skirts are now the ideal bottoms to wear during the summer. Shorts can be acceptable, but unless you wanna look chic I'd stick with the dressy style. Another hint is never ever walk outside wearing overalls, these dies about five years ago, maybe even farther. Unless you trying to start a fashion trend that's even more bizarre than Lady Gaga, I recommend that you stick with these trends.

Well unfortunately this post is short, Maybe next time there will be pictures, see ya soon!

Sarah J.

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