Please, Please, don't repeat this!

So, we were walking around downtown yesterday, and saw TONS of HORRIFIC clothes, outfits, and poses. So, we decided to make a guide on how NOT to do things around here. Read on.

Unfortunately, the world dosen't revolve around me. Darn. And it is the same in photos.
"The Caffeinated Camp Counselor!!" aka "Little Miss Sunshine!"
Stop looking so happy and cheery. This is real life. Even though it's a photo, please don't smile extra-wide. It looks ridiculous.
Some Photos DO look bad. So don't follow our lead... just press delete!
Don't Slouch. Or rub stomachs. Or touch your head.
What's wrong with this outfit:
  • NEVER EVER wear patent leather flats with jeans or shorts. Nothing other than a skirt, dress, or dress pants. EVER.
  • Don't wear an athletic t-shirt.
  • Don't wear a sparkly, Betsey Johnson Shrug with an athletic shirt and jean shorts. They don't mix.
  • Pajama shorts still count as pajamas. Anything besides athletic wear that has an elastic waist is considered pajamas.
  • Don't wear a scarf that clashes with your outfit!
Well, thanks for listening for our rules! Remember, don't try this at home, or anywhere for that matter... they are hideous and horrendous and could cause immediate fashion troubles.

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