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Fashion. What would our world be like with out it? Is that even possible, fashion is so many things. The clothes we wear, the accessories we use to spruce up an outfit, the shoes on our feet, the bags we hold, whether it be a clutch barley big enough to hold your phone, or a purse large enough to hide kids inside. Fashion is art, art is fashion. We have made it so much a part of us that many people live off of it, literally. The top models around the world, movie stars, singers, they have to be with it, but hey, its fun and helps get your creative juices flowing. There are people out there who live, sleep and eat fashion, it is their world, and hopefully one day mine. Some day I would love to be a big time model, or even a fashion designer. Many people say that in america we rely too much on fashion, and it is just for those who don't have a heart, sole, or mind of their own, but we do! Fashion can make a person stronger, in so many ways.

When you are doing something you love, chances are you will be willing to do what ever it takes to make it perfect, and to succeed at it. When you are striving to do better, and love what is happening, life will be a million times better. One thing that never puts me down, is fashion, it excepts every one, because you can make it your own! Other than a few guidelines, there are no rules. Thats the best part, you never have to be the same as everyone else, you are you, and can show it through what you wear. Someone's outfit can tell the world about them. What you wear can make it or break it. You don't wanna show up at a fashion show, as a judge, in torn jeans and an old stained tee shirt. That would be awful, for multiple reasons. But if you wear the right outfit, it will have others saying "Oh my gosh, look at that woman, she's sophisticated, confident, sassy, and even a bit sexy." Now that is what you want! The WOW factor. Now you may not get that from people with every outfit and maybe you aren't looking for that, some people want to stand out, and have people saying "Wow, that is a bold move, but it sort of works", or "DANG I wish I could pull that off." The truth is if it works with your body shape and type then you can pull it off, its all in how you wear it, no mater what it is, if you go in there with confidence, even if the outfit is iffy, chances are you will come out with the same confidence as before, or maybe even more. You learn from mistakes and in fashion a mistake will not be the end of the world, the truth is even if it may seem like a big deal, it really wont affect the rest of your life, if something goes wrong.

I have become a much prettier person sense I began to learn and experiment with fashion. Going through awkward stages that I learned so much from, and no i wont repeat some of them again, but for others, maybe it just wasn't right then, buy why not give it another shot later on. And when I say "prettier" I don't just mean looks and what's on the outside. When you gain the confidence that every girl or woman should have life is sooooo much better! Fashion has made me become more aware of the world around me and look at it through new eyes. It's amazing what wonders the fashion world can bring to you!
Written by: Madeleine Foster

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