I'm sorry but these aren't attractive

Isn't fashion supposed to be about illusion? The illusion of flattery? Then tell me WHY again these are existent.

"omg!!! Hate these outfits. The woman looks soo masculine. The hair is messed up." -Anna
The skirts, even, but especially the shirts, are totally manly. I'm usually a fan of prada, but really, do you wanna look like a reformed man or a sweet little princess? I can see these being dropped off in thrift stores faster than you can say "hideous." (And being bought by people who are convicted or fashion arrest.) So, what do you think? I guess they were going for uniqueness but went too far.
(This photo is linked from http://grazia.ninemsn.com.au/img/blogs/Catwalk_Blog/2010/CatwalkBlog_Sept24_Prada.jpg)

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