Why I Hate Stripes!

EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE dosen't get what I have against stripes. (Except for rugby shirts and sometimes the occasional desk supply)
1. They are a horriffic billboard just emphesizing the bad, horrible cut or something. I have a picture, but it's not uploading..
Fashion is supposed to be illusion right?
2. Then why is It creating the illusion that you have gained tons of weight? 20 pounds heavier even. Large, solid blocks of color do horrible things for your midsection. They even pose attention onto it.
3. Sometimes, the color combinations are disgusting. Um, try purple and green. Is this Barney? No, it's not. Stop trying to attract two-year Les while were having lunch. Thanks.
4. Striped pants. Um, there's a little saying the mean kids at school like to call "thunder thighs." Oh, I hope you get my point.

Fine, I admit, stripes can be okay, hut thick, ugly, tight, discolored striped shirts and miniskirts will never be in style. Not on my watch.

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  1. stripes, they draw me into them, seriously. I almost can't help myself but wear something like that sometimes.
    Thankfully my closet is full up on other things that aren't stripefully horrid or important enough to wear all too often.
    keep writing lovies and put a "follow" widget so i can follow you ;)


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