Scarves, Ice Cream, and the Challenge.

My friend, Elli, and I have a certain obsession with photo shoots. This time, we found a very fifties ice cream parlor to visit, have some sundaes, and try on some of our favorite scarves. Here are some of the ones that came out best!
Scarf from Target, $15. I love this scarf because of the unique, tribal print. I wear it more than any of my other scarves- it matches basically all of my basic tees and is suited for both summer and winter!
This is one of my favorite pictures in the entire shoot because of the color and the detail. 
Oh! Art! And then there's me.
Possessive over her sundae. I can't blame her; this ice cream is heavenly!
I tied this scarf into kind of a bow tie- it creates great dimension and has visual interest, especially with the color contrast.
I love the scarf in Elli's hair- it really makes the red stand out!
Reader Challenge! The best comment on this post or on our Facebook page as a caption to this photo will win a surprise! Check back on Monday for the winner!
Awesome angle- photo credit to Elli!
Elli goes with their signature flavor- The Cavity.
My riding boots- I absolutely love them and wear them every day. From BDG.

Thanks for taking a look at our photo shoot, and don't forget to comment your caption!
Special thanks to Elli for taking all of these wonderful pictures.
Also coming up soon, I will be guest posting on Nichelle's blog- Vintage Wanna Bee! I am so exited to be guest posting for her and can't wait to see what you think!

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