Love this Photo Shoot

My friend, Elli, got an awesome camera for Christmas. She has become one of the most amazing photographers- although I am not currently in possession of the pictures of Elli from the shoot. I think this may be one of-it not the best-photo shoots that I have ever been involved in. Thanks for being such an amazing photographer, Elli!
Eddie Bauer Knit Sweater, Local Boutique's Cuff.
I've had this coat for years, but it's been huge on me until now. I got it from Liberty of London- it's sort of Spring-Like, but I thought it would be a nice touch for the shoot and was perfect for the extremely unseasonable weather we're having right now- sixty degrees in January? Crazy.
The angle makes this shot. We tried to recreate it six or seven times, never getting such a crisp result!
My new leather boots are amazing. I wear them literally every day. From BDG.
Stairs are the best subject of a shot! The neat architecture makes it unique.
For once, I don't have a creepy looking close up! Elli is a magician!
These two pictures are provoking upmost depression. I am not sure what filled my mind, but according to one of my friends it looks like an ASPCA commercial.
Here is yet again another example of the extremely cool skin tone I have. I am literally a vampire in the winter.
The angle and focus of this shot is amazing.

Special thanks to Elli for shooting all of these!

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