Ten Thousand

This morning, at 2am to be exact, Fashion Hauties finally reached the goal of ten thousand page views! This is such an amazing accomplishment- in June, I listed it under my "unrealistic goals" chart for an English project. And now, it is a reality. Thanks so much to all of you, who are the viewers who kept this possible. Tonight, I'm going to flash back to some of the forgotten posts, and the newer ones- my favorites, the silly ones, and the crazy ones. Get ready for a flash down memory lane!
Our First Sketch. This still has to be one of my favorites. The bright color, the glamorous cut and shape, it is one of the dresses that I wish I could transform from a piece of paper to reality.
Jewelry Hanger DIY. This was not only a great post to do, but it was a successful DIY- I use and maintain my jewelry hanger on a daily basis. I got rid of my jewelry box.
Shoot with Molly and Elli. This was one of my favorite posts I've done, besides my Vintage Shopping tips which I still must admit as my favorite post, at least in 2011.
My hot chocolate party: success. Not only was this great fun, but the creative decorations were perfect for the cool winter party. Hot chocolate bars are a new favorite!
This amazing photo shoot with Elli turned out excellently. I truly loved this photo shoot, and it was too great to wait ten minutes to post. I always refer back to these pictures.

Last but not least, here's the first photo shoot I ever posted.

Really guys, thanks! It has been amazing hearing what you think and answering your fashion questions. I love blogging, and basically every second of it. I can't thank you all enough. I can't wait for Fashion Hauties to grow, and I am now accepting guest post opportunities. Let me know what you want to write about, and we'll be in touch ASAP. Email me at fashionalexandria@yahoo.com.
Also, we're at nearly 30 fans on Facebook, and 20 followers on Google! If you're not already subscribed, feel free to do so!
Thanks so much for the support, all of you! Here's to another 10,000! -Abby

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