Photo Shoot in The Garden

Yesterday, Molly and I decided to take some photos at a historical garden in our area. The weather was very  warm, especially for January, so we were in crops and t-shirts. It was the best surprise for an overcast weekend.
JCrew Tshirt, $25; Gap Necklace, $15.
This beautiful house had an even more magnificent garden in the back. It couldn't have been better!
This is Molly's personal favorite shot from the shoot. 
Molly's warm weather outfit was perfect for the occasion! JCrew tee, $25. Pants from Old Navy and her signature riding boots.
My Olive Crops are from Ralph Lauren Rugby, $60. To tell you the truth, I've had these since March and haven't found appropriate weather to wear them. I jumped at the opportunity to throw 'em on on this beautiful afternoon!
A random rock peeking out of the house was a perfect photo opportunity!
Here's a close up of Molly's dazzling top. I love the pink-gold sequins. Sequins are great if used in a classy, monitored way like they are in this shirt as a neutral pattern. A shirt like this would be perfect under a casual navy or charcoal blazer to add some visual interest.
The pink whale belt emphasizes the waist.
Sometimes a basic tee with a crocheted embellishment is the way to go. Keep it simple!
Molly's outfit again. I love it!

More photos to come of the day!

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