Culture Conundrum

Today via email, I received an incredibly valid question- "I'm Asian, and with my super-straight hair, I am lost about what hairstyle to wear to my school's winter dance. Any help?"
     Asian hair is so nice and manageable! It's great and sleek which means that it isn't too hard to create a nice, clean hairstyle, as well as a dress. Here are some fun hairstyles that will look great with your straight hair. Keep in mind that it is best to stay away from crazy hairstyles and makeup to avoid looking like a Harajuku.

So Sleek
Yeah, your hair is straight. What's wrong with flaunting it? Use a hair straightener and gloss straightening balm such as Aveda Smooth Infusion. Your hair will look like it's straight out of Vogue and will add drama to your look without going too overboard.
Girly Touches
A cute, simple waterfall braid is a perfect, classy, yet easy to pull off and construct hairstyle. This will look gorgeous with your straight, shiny and sophisticated coloring.
Elegant Bun
A cute topknot would look stunning and visually make your cheekbones appear higher, elongating and slimming your face. Add a flower for a feminine touch. Try a bun and ditch the flower or stick with the hair corsage and lean towards wavier locks. This elegant and sophisticated look will look stunning and keep your hair out of your face.

I hope this helps! Have a great time and take advantage of your gorgeous locks!

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