Questions Answered: Matching to your Hair

Dear Fashion Hauties,
     Your creator is amazing, just saying, and you have an awesome blog! So, what colors go best for redheads?

     This is a great time to discuss hair color relating to the clothes you wear. You are blessed with such a beautiful hair color and should totally embrace the colors that make it pop!

  • Blue. Blue is on the other side of the color wheel from orange. Blue will help your hair color stand out and look even better. Blue especially looks great with blue eyes and if you have a cool skin tone. Cooler skin tones tend to have lighter skin. To figure out if you have a cool or warm skin tone, hold up yellow swatch to your skin. If the yellow looks similar to your skin, you have a warm skin tone. If your skin looks more like white or washed out next to the yellow, you have a cool skin tone.
  • Green. Green looks stunning with red hair, end of story. Go for a mermaid green or turquoise for an even nicer look. Green derives from blue, making it a perfect color to make your hair pop!
  • Colors in the Blue and Green color family such as jade are the best for your hair.
  • Earth tones look amazing with your hair. Plum, olive, and camel will bring out your hair and skin while looking amazing!

Here are some colors to avoid:
  • Red. This will make your hair look "fake" or dyed, as well as wash out your skin tone. Stay away from red.
  • Orange and Pink. Like green derives from blue, orange and pink will make your hair look dreary and boring.
  • Black. Because many redheads are typically ivory and have fair skin, black will wash you out. Unfortunately, so will white. Stay away from these colors- I like to call them "extremes." Black is not a redhead's best friend- it can age you and give you a sort of shallow looking face.

For Brunettes:
Great Colors:
  • Blue. Especially if you have blue eyes, a blue top or dress can make your eyes pop!
  • Pink. Pink and brown are a classic combination. Darker shades of pink are even better, but light pink works just fine, especially with warm skin tones.
  • Dark Red. Since Dark red is near brown on the color wheel, it can blend with your hair. This look would look better on cool tones.
  • White. For warm skin tones, white will bring out your hair and make you look tan.

Colors to Avoid:
  • Pastels. This isn't true for all brunettes, but mainly cool toned skin plus brown hair can wash you out even more than white can.
  • Lucky for brunettes, really any vivid color can look great on you. The main dilemma is looking washed out with suck dark hair. Try to stay away from light colors as much as possible.

For Blondes:
Great Colors:
  • Blonde hair is difficult because there are so many different shades and so different colors can look great on a certain shade of blonde rather than other blondes.
  • Generally, earth tones. Earth tones like olive and plum look amazing with your hair and make it pop and look shiny. 
  • Hot Pink and Red. These colors look amazing and will look fantastic with your skin and hair.

Colors to Avoid:
  • Neons. Since your skin and hair are similar colors, wear colors with definition. A neon color is sort of empty and will wash you out. Stick with colors with depth.
  • Pastels. I see blondes wearing light colors all the time. To tell you the truth, these don't look bad- they just look bland. Your hair is nice because it matches your skin pretty well, giving you the option to wear brighter and deeper colors more freely.
I hope this helps answer your question! Keep in mind that these are real girls wearing real outfits they put together themselves. If you have an awesome outfit, comment, or fashion question, let me know on our Facebook Page!

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