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Here is a continuation of the photo shoot I had with Molly on Saturday. It turned out so well that I decided to make two posts out of it!
Blouse from JCrew, as mentioned before; $25. Gap Necklace, Vineyard Vines Belt, Ralph Lauren Rugby Crops; $60.
I love this shot because of the dimension and weird view on things. The editing's strange color is a definite plus.
Has Molly ever had an unflawless outfit? The answer is NO. Her city chic, punchy pink coat is from Gap, Old Navy Jeans, JCrew embellished top, riding boots, and (my favorite) she sports a Prada bag. 
I just really love the color in this shot. The historical bricks and the door- which is blue, although has a sort of lavender hue- make the shot crisp and unique.
Again with the adorable jacket. Too cute.
I loved the background for this shot. Brass Plum Cardigan; $20.

I loved our two-part photo shoot- "I think this was the best one yet!" gushed Molly while reviewing the photos. And I have to say, I agree.

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