Intense Color

This season, according to couture designers, resort wear is very focused on white. Whites are great before labor day, but after bundling up for the long winter, skin tends to pale, leaving a ghostly effect on the skin when blended with white.
Alexander McQueen Winter 2012
This dress is very furry! It reminds me of skiwear- like someone waiting around a ski resort at the fireplace.
It makes a great ghostly effect, but I believe there are other colors and accessories that can be added to the outfit to enhance the ghostliness and positively impact the outfit.
Black is widely accepted as a color related to death. If it is dark, and it is mean, it is black!
Vogue Italy
Dark Purple
 Dark cranberries- ones that are almost black, with a cherry undertone, will give a softer effect yet will still have that ghostly effect that you are going for.
Intense Reds
Darker rubies have a vintage vibe that, again, relate to a ghostly old-fashion carelessness.
This Givenchy ad shows the gothic resilience with the white. The black hair also adds a ghostly effect.
Here is an old sketch I did last year with a cult sort of theme. I used a white sort of feathery top, and a warm toned long pencil skirt. What makes the look and finishes it off is the dark eyeliner rimming the eyes.

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