I don't wear glasses. I love them, and they make a cute fashion accessory, but I don't wear them. But, after rereading Lexa's guest post and visiting a new Anthropologie location, I have to say, I'm hooked. Even if you're like me and don't need a prescription, there are lots of options! Here are some great ones I've seen and owned.
Glasses from Claire's, $5. These glasses, which Molly and I bought this summer and couldn't resist matching- and talk about a good deal. The red is a fun way to add a crazy feel to an outfit you're not crazy about because it is boring or drab (although Molly's outfit here is gorgeous!).
Tortoiseshell Glasses are perfect for a cool, autumn-y outfit. The Chambray top and scarf are perfect for winter weather and go great with the coffee-bar hipster vibe of the outfit. Not to mention that excellent reading material- Vogue is obsessionary.
Glasses from Nordstrom. I love Nordstrom's accessories- they aren't as pricey as some of the clothes, yet they have a nice, classy feel to them.
Saturated readers from Anthropologie, $38. I mean, I like orange, but these aren't really for me. They made my face seem more round and didn't have the feel  or shape that I generally wanted. I did like the cat-eye feel of them, though. Cat eye glasses are a fun and sassy way to add statement to your look.
Prada Glasses. I love these because the rim of the cat eye is at the eyebrow, which visually raises the cheekbones, making the face look slim.
I couldn't resist. Smarty-Pants Readers, $68, Anthropologie. These glasses made me feel like I was in a Dr. Seuss movie. Glasses are so fun because they can transport you to a time or place that no other accessory or piece of clothing could do.
Glasses can take you anywhere.
The spectacles really made this outfit. Without them, it would be an entirely different picture- and a lot more ordinary. Glasses, costume or not, can transform the outfits you have that you may be bored with.

So, let me know what you think! I want to hear all about your glasses, your opinions. Comment below or send me a post via Facebook. See you soon, friends!

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